Creatures of culture.

It’s the people that make the difference. The personalities and comradery of OKD’s dedicated staff continue to elevate our culture and the work we produce. We’re a collaborative force to say the least. Drawing on all aspects of life and work experience, OKD’s staff are full of vim and vigor–truly multi-faceted creatures of culture. Seeing as we spend many, many hours together, it’s not surprising that the like-minded, know how to have a good time, hardworking staff at OKD get along so well. It’s in our DNA.


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Len Olynyk


Phone:905-632-8850 ext 233

Len puts the ‘O’ in OKD. He’s not only company president, but one of the bona fide founders of the agency. Len cut his teeth on media teams at major Toronto agencies, rising up through the media ranks before moving “account side”. Len’s media background was instrumental in OKD developing its very own in-house media department, which has been instrumental in attracting clients who are looking for media expertise as a key component of their agency’s skill set. As for his day to day, Len continues to provide strategic counsel to many of the agency’s key accounts.

Have guidelines not rules so you can adjust based on the facts at hand.

Brent Clifford

Managing Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 298

Brent brings experience from both sides of the table to OKD Marketing, client-side with 3M Canada and DHL Canada, and agency-side with OKD, Young & Rubicam and Urban advertising + design. Brent’s experience encompasses all stages of the advertising process, with a focus on brand development, revenue-generating programs, partnerships and advertising strategies for companies including The Canadian Cancer Society, Arla Foods, Crock-Pot, Sunbeam, FoodSaver, The UPS Store, and more.

I’m an optimist and look for opportunities all the time – even in challenging times.

Adorée McClean

Senior Director, Project Management

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 228

Adorée has been with OKD for over 20 years. As Senior Director, Project Management, specializing in packaging, collateral, and promotional materials, Adorée’s attention to detail is one of her core strengths. From initiation to execution, Adorée plays a significant role for Sun Gro as the main contact both within OKD and North America wide. Adorée is deadline driven, cost conscious and has a habit of delivering on time and on budget.

Coffee. Intuition. Superb communication.

Aly Serafini

Graphic Designer

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 321

Armed with an advanced diploma in Graphic Design from Mohawk College, Aly brings an insatiable passion for learning, design and community to OKD. Her work experience ranges from Health Care to Industrial B2B to Retail, and her creative energy makes her a great team player.

Amanda Peachey

Account Executive

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 239

A graduate from the Advertising program at Sheridan College, Amanda’s a big believer in “never stop learning”. Amanda has thrived within the realm of OKD’s account team, some would say she’s a natural and that’s because she is!  With experience in traditional marketing as well as running digital and social media campaigns, this self-professed “grammar cop” is just what the doctor ordered.

Positivity and a boisterous laugh are contagious and therapeutic.

Aryan Alipour

Account Executive

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 250

In addition to his Master of Marketing degree from the Schulich School of Business, Aryan brings with him a range of diversified experiences from three countries on two continents. Understanding and curiosity are two of Aryan’s guiding principles. They have held him in good stead throughout his career and driven him to create positive, measurable results for the businesses he works with.

I was Awarded Time magazine’s person of the year in 2006

Athena Hsu

Account Coordinator

Graduated from University of Windsor with a Business Administration degree and Marketing Management program from Sheridan college. I have developed a passion and interest to work in the advertising field.

I’m eager to learn every new skill that interests me and like to take on new challenges.

She's going to say "I got this" every time even with tears in her eyes.

Becca Ramsey

Social Media Buyer

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 224

Becca is responsible for the paid campaigns across social and digital platforms. Her high degree of professionalism and attention to detail allows her to thrive in our fast-paced environment. As a graduate of the Business Administration Marketing Advanced Program at Fanshawe College, and her ongoing training from Facebook and Google, Becca’s understanding of online paid platforms lead to efficient and effective campaigns. Outside of work, Becca brings the same hard-work and dedication to the arena with her hockey team.

Aspire to inspire.

Bill Crocker

Senior Editor (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9901 Ext. 030

Patient, organized, and able to “hang an all-nighter”, Bill is the perfect editor. That’s why he’s been “editor-in-chief” here at MJM since the early days. In that time, he’s cut everything imaginable, adding his own creative flair to really bring a project to life. Being a great editor means being a great team player. Bill works closely with our producers and you the client to make sure we’re delivering your message in a meaningful and interesting way.

Brad Grant

IT Director

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 245

Brad literally keeps the agency running 24/7 and his dedication to OKD has not gone unnoticed. As President of Titan Microsystems, he specializes in hybrid Mac and PC networks, network security and hardware infrastructure while providing service to a growing cross-section of clientele spanning the area from Niagara to the GTA. Brad and his team have been responsible for seamlessly supporting OKD’s interactive programs at client events and sponsorship programs.

Brittney Medeiros

Social Media Manager

Phone:905.632.8850 ext 284

Brittney, a Social Media Communicator, arrived at OKD with a background in Journalism and a Public Relations Degree from Griffith University in Australia. No stranger to the world of communication and everything that goes along with it, her fearless dedication and willingness to stare any challenge straight in the eyes, never backing down, makes her a unique piece in the puzzle that is OKD.

People tend to roll their eyes, but to be honest bad puns are how eye-roll.

Carm Cicconi

Graphic Designer

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 296

Carm has a creative style that draws on experience from many industries, including financial services, professional services, Economic Development, and Consumer Packaged Goods. With over 20 years of design experience, she has a keen eye for detail on layout, design and pre-press for print ads, brochures, reports, flyers, billboards, wall clings and in-store signage.  

My ideal work culture is full of positivity, kindness, encouragement, teamwork and respect.

Cid Hanna

Managing Director, West

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 200

Toll Free:1-833-352-0678

Cid ensures that our client’s projects are done on time, on target and on budget. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies, a diploma in Journalism and Visual Communications, Cid’s determination has made a difference in the fields of marketing, business planning and crisis communications for government, post-secondary institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Truly one-of-a-kind.

Cindy Steele

Social Media Scheduler

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 281

After an exceptional and rewarding career in healthcare, OKD was fortunate to have Cindy join their team as she brings outstanding organizational skills that continually grow OKD’s social media department. Cindy prides herself on her diligent attention to detail as she makes sure that the social postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are completed on time and that they are 100% accurate.

Dan Arcaro

Account Executive

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 236

Leave it to Dan to be the life of the party. His natural tendency to apply positivity to his client interactions and determined work ethic is infectious. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communications from Brock University, Dan’s passion for marketing and advertising is well-matched to his Account Executive role at OKD. Did we mention he has a background in event management? Yup.


Daryl Cummins

Production Supervisor


Daryl is the Managing Partner of A3H, our “go-to” for print fulfillment and prepress. He grew up around the printing business, or should we say running around the printing business. As a child, he would run around the press his father kept in the basement for his home business! With over 35 years of true hands-on experience, Daryl has been an invaluable asset to OKD.

The first thing I ever purchased with my own Money was a Commodore Vic 20.

David Olynyk

Social Media Director, Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 295

David bridges the gap between our account staff and our digital and media departments, ensuring that our social media programs are highly-measurable and fully-integrated with our clients’ overall marketing strategies. As an “early adopter” of communications technology and social media, David continues to build successful programs by balancing his passion for innovation with “real-time” monitoring of each campaign’s metrics, ensuring that they are all performing at optimum levels.

Taking 5 minutes to reflect on the important things in my life really keeps me grounded and motivated.

Deanne Mousseau

Group Account Director

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 282

When asked why she works in advertising, her response is simple, “because it’s what I love to do”. With over 15 years of agency experience, Deanne is well-versed in both Retail and B to B marketing. A true prospector of strategy and insight, she is willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Whether via email, phone call or even good old fashioned face-to-face, Deanne understands the importance of communication.

It isn’t just about listening. It’s about truly hearing what other people are saying.

Ed Rogers

Digital Strategist

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 238

Ed has produced more than 250 websites since the early 1990s. He is immersed in the constantly changing online world – balancing the possibilities of new technologies and a passion for exceeding client expectations. A former journalist, Ed came to OKD after working as the Editor of Review Business Magazine where, under his guidance, the magazine won Best Business Magazine by the North American Chamber of Commerce.

A good plan now is better than a great plan later.

Gabriella Garofalo

Vice President

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 232

With over 3 decades of marketing communications and senior account management experience, “Gabe” leads our B2B and healthcare sector. She brings a plethora of knowledge and experience to each and every brand she touches. This graduate of the University of Toronto not only knows how to get the job done and done right, but she is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French!

My parents taught me to work hard, always do a good job and go after what I want in life.

James Dolman

Video Editor

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 240

James is our fully-equipped, more than capable, in-house video editor. He is dialed-in on all things post-production. Always on the cutting edge, James draws from his education and background in filmmaking applying fundamental storytelling principals to successfully convey messages to the audience.

Jane Rowan

Production Manager, Copywriter (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9901 Ext. 029

All through the 90s, Jane was honing her skills in post-audio, music and production management at companies like McClear Pathé and Pirate Radio. She’s lived in the fast-paced, ‘madmen’ ad agency world, so she’s an ace at taking all your chaotic details and wrapping them up in a nice little bundle. Whether it’s a quick quote, talent casting, song licensing, ad clearance or getting you what you need yesterday, she says: bring it on!

Jennifer Thompson

Senior Media Account Manager

Phone:905.632.8850 ext. 227

Jennifer is a graduate from the Advertising program at Sheridan College. She comes to OKD with over 10 years of experience buying traditional media on accounts such as Apple, Bell, Subaru, BMO, Coty and Mars. Jennifer is hardworking, organized and loves learning about new media trends. She takes a fresh approach to every media campaign and prides herself in delivering a strong and efficient media buy tailored to the client’s wants and needs.

Jennifer Waghorn

Digital Media Analyst

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 304

To say that Jenn has worked her way through the ranks at OKD, gaining crucial experience along the way, would be an understatement. From her start in a temporary position, to a tour through accounts, Jenn is now our detail-oriented Digital Media Analyst. Google AdWords Certified, Jenn effectively creates, executes and monitors the performance of digital media campaigns that exceed all client expectations.

My Nan’s love, support and guidance made me the person I am today.

JoAnn MacLeod

Accounting Assistant

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 242

JoAnn brings a diverse range of financial experience to the team at OKD. Having worked in Accounting with Royal Bank and the Pepsi Bottling Group she is no stranger to the many hats that come with working in a marketing communications agency. Fully equipped with an Office Administration diploma from Sheridan College, JoAnn maintains a proficient and professional approach when it comes to keeping our books straight.

One of my passions is cooking, I love trying new recipes and using my family and friends as my taste testers.

John Tait

Production Supervisor


John has over 30 years of print industry experience in all facets of the industry, including “hands-on” experience as a pressman early in his career. John exudes confidence and strong negotiating skills which he has acquired over his decades of experience. Being a strong yet fair negotiator compliments his abilities in print planning, buying and production for OKD clients.

Julie Copithorne

Executive Vice President

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 152

Toll Free:1-833-352-0678

Julie’s cross-functional management capabilities and background in software and systems development are at the foundation of her 20 years in business-to-business marketing. Her experience includes launching products and opening new accounts (including many with Fortune 500 companies) by driving growth and increasing market share for her clients. Julie’s focus on exemplary customer service is second to none.

Technology should enhance our lives - not take them over.

Katya Sniderman

Social Media Manager

Phone:905.632.8850 ext 314

Katya brings an inherit interest in creativity, a passion for research, and a deep interest in data. She’s a regular “hawkeye” when it comes to social media content and strategies that make the difference. A Google and Hootsuite Certified Professional, she’s always up to date on all things social, from new media channels, to what’s #trending as you read this. Did we mention she graduated Sheridan’s Advertising and Marketing program with honours, AND has a degree in photography from OCAD? Yeah, she does.

When I’m not exploring local trails with my Labradoodle, I’m binging Netflix shows.

Kara McCurlie

Partner, Office Manager (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9901 Ext. 021

Kara was born and raised at MJM. She started working part-time at the age of 4, which makes her the oldest employee even though she’s youngest. After a hard morning in kindergarten, she’d get locked inside the vocal booth where she was forced to read commercials for shopping malls. Somehow, this led to an obsession (and a degree) in film, which then led back to MJM. Bottom line: she’s really good at helping people, and she’ll make sure your experience here is great.

Leanne Cummins

Accounting Manager

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 231

Our one and only Leanne, a certified AccPac Accounting Software consultant, joined OKD as Accounting Manager in 2005. Not only did she settle in quickly, Leanne has raised the bar for our accounting practices and auditing. As OKD’s brave book balancer and overall stickler for detail, Leanne is a true professional who keeps the wheels turning day in and day out.

My Dad taught me how to logically think a problem through, which I use in everyday life and work.

Marci McCurlie

Partner, Producer (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9902 Ext. 025

For the last 15 years or so, Marci has been producing videos, commercials and movies. She started her career shooting dozens of “Movies of the Week” for Hallmark and Lifetime. She learned her chops on big movie sets for years before coming to MJM. Here, she’s bringing her ‘big movie’ ideas and creative charm to our videos. And yes, her initials are MJM.

Mary Ditta

VP Creative Director, Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 222

As the leader of the creative team at OKD, she is one of the agency’s longest-serving employees. Her great work speaks for itself and has been a cornerstone of OKD’s growth and is directly responsible for many of our clients’ successes. Mary’s culinary creativity has garnered her victory of Reader’s Digest’s “Great Canadian Agency Food Fight Contest”. She creates dozens of recipes each year for OKD client, Arla Foods.

Michelle Bowman

Vice President, Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 249

Michelle sits atop one of OKD’s busiest divisions.  With nearly 20 years of industry experience under her wings, she is known for her negotiating prowess when developing winning strategies for OKD’s ever-expanding clientele. Michelle’s skillset spans the range of media buying and planning for television, radio and outdoor as well as online for social, digital, email and in App. Her comprehensive and unified plans have one thing in common – a keen focus on ROI.

Life is short people, let’s get along.

Mike Alonzo

Composer & Audio Producer (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9901 Ext. 023

When Mike was a kid, he said to his parents, “when I grow up, I want to be a musician”. They told him he couldn’t do both. Yet against all odds, it seems he has! Over the past two decades Mike has composed music for film, television & radio. With his passion for music and sound design, he’s great at knowing the musical mindset of your audience, and creating the right emotional atmosphere to get your message to really sink in. What did his parents know?

Nadine Fennell

Senior Art Director

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 223

A graduate of George Brown and Sheridan Colleges, Nadine puts the “Art” in Art Director. Day in and day out, she’s dialed in. Nadine possesses an impressive ability to stay calm under pressure and deliver solid solutions to our clients’ problems. Not only is she well-versed in the language of design, this Montreal native is fully equipped when it comes to fluency in French.

The days my sons were born, best days ever.

Nick Olynyk

Digital Media Director, Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 248

Nick is OKD’s Digital Media Director and is responsible for delivering web and email-based solutions that turn heads. Nick was instrumental in gaining Google Certified Partner status for OKD, and lucky for us and our clients, Nick’s extensive knowledge pairs perfectly with his unquenchable thirst for conversion-centered solutions. We’re glad this Google Certified “Ad-wordian” is on our side.

Everyone should have the ability to perform proper research.

Nicole Brown

Social Media Communicator

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 320

With her quiet determination, Nicole works passionately and effectively with every project she’s involved in. Nicole graduated with honours from Sheridan College and George Brown College, in the Business Marketing and Sport & Event Marketing programs, respectively. As a social media professional, event planner, and published author – Nicole thrives in adaptability and truly appreciates the art of the written word.

What is one important skill every person should have? Spatial awareness.

Pauline Nguyen

Account Executive

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 266

This honours graduate from the Business Marketing Program at Humber College, has a knack for gaining the trust of clients with her attention to detail, responsiveness and client centric attitude. Pauline has an eye for new opportunities and brings visions to life, while fostering a continued dedication to solid team collaboration. Pauline reflects what it means to go above and beyond, and do great work that resonates with clients, every day.

Rachel Duarte

Account Coordinator

Rachel arrived at OKD with a degree in Communication Studies and a specialization in Digital Media from Wilfrid Laurier University. As a recent graduate, she is eager to continue learning and utilize her academic skills at OKD. Rachel is a true team player which stems from her 10+ years of playing hockey. When Rachel is not immersed in the world of marketing, she is looking for the next best destination to travel to and check off her bucket list!

You miss all the chances you don’t take.

Renata St.Clair

Account Executive

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 303

Growing up on a farm, Renata learned the lessons of hard work by helping her father care for the horses, including shoveling out the stables. This experience may very well have also prepared her for a career in advertising. A graduate of the Marketing Program at Sheridan College, she continues to work hard and “dig deep”.

The most important skill every person should have is manners.

Rob Lardie

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 241

Rob is a graduate of the Toronto Academy of Design and Technology and has been crafting websites since the early 1990s PG (pre-google). He is a full stack developer with an impressive wingspan of experience including databases, ecommerce, APIs, security, email, site optimization and more. A musician at heart, Rob just might convince us all that Nashville is the new heaven.

My superhero vehicle would have robotic arms that moves slow vehicles out of the way.

Shah Ghafoori

Full-Stack Developer

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 230

Since 2013, Shah has called OKD home. A full stack web programmer with a wealth of agency and international experience, his credentials boast an Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming, a Microsoft System Engineer certificate and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate. Shah’s focus remains dialed in on site optimization and the user experience.

You can be whoever you want to be. If not in your current world, you can change your world.

Shawn Kennedy

Group Account Director, Partner

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 225

Shawn enjoys being involved in every aspect of a campaign, which is a good thing, as his account management work has him bridging digital, social, web and traditional disciplines to ensure a tightly-integrated program. Shawn is also a confessed perfectionist and would rather do a job right the first time, than rework something repeatedly, which our clients clearly appreciate.

Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.

Sonia Ekodeu

Digital Media Buyer

Phone:905.632.8850 ext 226

A graduate of not one or two, but three schools! Sonia pairs her extensive Marketing and Advertising acumen from Sheridan and Fanshawe colleges, with an Honors Bachelor degree in Culture and Information Technology from the University of Toronto. Sonia has an inherent craving for knowledge and thrives in the realm of Digital Marketing. Did we say she is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics? We just did.

The day we adopted my little sister was the best day of my life.

Susan Brinkmann

Senior Media Specialist

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 237

Susan has made a mark inspiring people and brands for over 30 years.  Her passion for success, accompanied by a strong work ethic, delivers award winning results. Susan’s sincerity is as genuine as her ability to take on any challenge that comes her way. There’s no job too big or budget too small for Susan’s unwavering commitment to her work, exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive strategic and analytical experience.

Susan Ramsay

President, OKD Brand Engagement

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 301

Susan represents over 20 years of experience in the areas of marketing and promotion with a focus on Retail Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and has enjoyed delivering unprecedented results in many Branded Co-promotions. Susan is never afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to delivering a project. A true team player.

The best invention is one that hasn’t been discovered yet! The biggest opportunity is to discover it!

Tammy Grigat

Digital Art Director

Phone:905-632-8850 ext 300

In Tammy’s toolbox, you’ll find diplomas in both Marketing and Graphic Design, as well as a knack for simplifying the complex. Tammy brings flare and finesse to many of our clients’ communications. And with over a decade of experience, she has sharpened her skills on a wide range of clientele. There’s “thinking outside the box”, and then there’s Tammy.

Only you can define what defeats you.

Tom Brouwer




Tyler Tekatch

Creative Director & Producer (MJM Media)

Phone:905.529.9901 Ext. 028

A natural with a camera, but more than that, an Ideas Man, Tyler brings over ten years of experience in video production, digital media and interactive design. Equally at home writing, directing, producing, shooting and editing, Tyler loves to bring the creative edge to every phase of the production process. When he’s not busy making compelling campaigns, he’s probably at an art gallery looking at art, or in his home studio trying to make art.


Finding the right agency can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Luckily OKD is like a really strong magnet, place it in proximity to your “hay stack” and voila, there’s your needle!

Do you suspect you’ve received a fraudulent email?

Attempts have been made to defraud Internet users by the unauthorized use of the OKD name and brand via email communications and graphics which appear, on the surface, to have originated from OKD. In most cases the communications includes an invitation to collaborate with YouTube video channels. Please be advised that OKD does not send promotional offers or invitations to collaborate with YouTube channels. If you receive a suspicious email, including from an address other than, please do not open the attachment. The email and attachment did not originate from OKD.