Build personality. Maintain authenticity. Genuinely understand.

Technology and automation are seemingly unstoppable these days. In an ever-changing marketplace, the challenge to adapt, differentiate, and succeed may sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. After all, studies point to the recent, rapid marketing evolution that underlies a common sentiment that marketing has changed more in “the past 2 years than in the previous 50.” In other words, times, technologies, and trends are all changing — changing somewhat quickly, often, and unpredictably — and companies can easily be left confused over how to attract and retain clients during a period in which everything is being turned on its head.

When more and more content, platforms, and data are available for both marketers and customers, what are businesses to do to forge a path to success for their own brands?

Build personality. Maintain authenticity. Genuinely understand.

Sounds simple, right? These three tenets underscore what OKD Marketing stands for in helping our clients and their campaigns stand out from their peers and competitors; these principles form the foundation for what companies should strive to achieve in order to grow.

Consumers now seek out personalized marketing experiences when they engage with brands, products, and services. In an era where sheer content is available in spades, customers want more than generic information or ads; they want real-time, real-world connections with the underlying messages, faces, and marketers of a brand. If companies expose and share more of themselves, their values, objectives, and vulnerabilities with their customers, such authenticity will help forge loyalty between consumers and a now-distinct brand that has set itself apart.

In that vein, authenticity can also combat the rapid-fire automation and technological innovations of today (and tomorrow). The more personal a touch that a company adds to its marketing material, the more likely clients are to stick — to stick with the company and its strategy, offerings, and ideas. While digital updates and improvements undoubtedly bolster efficiency and capability, companies still have the power of human connection, helpfulness, and authenticity at their fingertips. The relatability and genuineness that people provide unmistakably strengthen relationships that might otherwise be lost, which undoubtedly emphasizes one prerequisite to companies distinguishing themselves and their content.

Lastly, as straightforward as it sounds, a legitimate understanding of how customers now prefer and expect to communicate — think: what information they want; how, when, and where they want it — structures the foundation of companies’ outreach and marketing strategies. Brands and businesses need to know their audiences, both current and potential, if they want to ensure that the right people are hearing the right messages at the right time. Maximizing exposure and growth comes with brand loyalty, authenticity, and understanding, and the right marketing strategies can expertly execute all of this.

This is where OKD Marketing comes in. With our creativity, expertise, and leadership, our team has the knowledge and passion to benefit clients who are looking for impactful, results-driven marketing guidance and solutions. We are a firm of diverse personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences, which ensures that we seamlessly infuse authenticity and personality into every client and campaign. Our insight allows us to delve deep into brands and optimize our understanding of what works, and OKD’s commitment to developing individualized strategy, campaigns, and support for each and every client is a hallmark of our dedication to our partners.

Take it directly from our clients, who attested to the excellence of our client service and final results in their conversations with Clutch: “They developed my business. They did everything. We went from zero sales to where we are now. We told them what we wanted to do, and they guided us through it. We went through and kept pursuing it, and finally, now, we’re displayed in a prominent tire company’s retail stores. They’ve done a very good job for us, and I’m really happy with them. It’s so easy. We just tell them what we want to happen and when, and they take care of everything …  there’s nothing negative to say.”

Personality, authenticity, and understanding get you to the beginnings of brand loyalty and strong client relationships, otherwise establishing your business and brand as lasting presences in the industry thanks to the value and impact of your marketing. If you have any questions about our advice or credentials, the OKD team is more than happy to share our guidance, and we look forward to seeing what your company and clients have to say!

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